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A controversial retelling of the Bible story from the perspective of Adam, the first man, as well as Eve, the first and only woman, created by a resistant God, from one of Adam’s ribs based on his selfless desire to share Eden with another human. 


Adam and Eve will be played by the best emerging actors for each perspective roles. 


Cuba Gooding Jr. 

Lenny Kravitz

John Legend

Delroy Lindo

Naveen Andrews

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Rob Margolies

Rob Margolies graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Film Production. During his senior year, he was awarded a scholarship that entitled him to be mentored by the Oscar Winning Director William Friedkin. Margolies’ first movie “LIFELINES” was purchased and distributed by Kanbar Entertainment. Margolies’ second movie “SHE WANTS ME” received worldwide distribution in large part by Lionsgate, and stars Josh Gad, Hilary Duff, Charlie Sheen, Wayne Knight, among other stars. Margolies’ third movie, “ROOMMATE WANTED” stars Alexa Vega, Spencer Grammer, and Kathryn Morris. It was purchased and distributed by Lionsgate. Additionally, Margolies has served as a writer, producer, and director on TV shows, web series’, and many films. Recent films Margolies has produced are “IMMORTAL”, a sc-fi anthology starring Dylan Baker, Tony Todd, Mario Van Peebles, etc. “NEVER HEARD”, a faith based gospel film with an all star cast, “I’D LIKE TO BE ALONE NOW”, which also features a knockout ensemble cast, and “YES” starring Nolan Gould from “MODERN FAMILY” in a lead dramatic role. Margolies most recently produced and directed BOBCAT MORETTI, a heart-wrenching drama starring Vivca A Fox, Taryn Manning, Tim Realbutto, Oscar-nominee Sally Kirkland, and more. 

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