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After trading her Instagram account to a competing pop star, social media princess Cyrene King has one weekend to win the heart of an indie rock musician, or risk losing her 200mil followers forever.

Cyrene King, the world's most famous Instagram influencer, and youngest daughter of a popular reality television family, wants nothing more than to just be a normal girl. Her momager has different plans however, and after discovering Cyrene's secret singing talent, is about to cash in and rebrand her as the next big pop star. Who said their family had no talent? 

Days before they plan to drop her single and crash the Grammy's red carpet, Cyrene falls hopelessly in love with a disillusioned musician holed up in an exclusive hotel. After learning about his aversion to all things celebrity, she strikes a deal with a competing pop star to spend a weekend at the Calypso, undercover, in hopes of winning his affection. The price: her Instagram account. Is it true love, or is her naive heart being set up?

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Desired talent for the two lead roles:

CYRENE, the @lil_mermiad herself

*Dove Cameron
*Madison Iseman
*Lily-Rose Depp
*Brec Bassinger
*Sistine Rose Stallone
*Willow Shields


CHARLIZE, Cyrene's mother

*Uma Thurman
*Andie MacDowell
*Demi Moore
*Kim Basinger
*Daryl Hannah
*Elizabeth Shue

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@lil_mermaid is a dreamy artistic representation of youth, high spirits, big aspirations, and social presence with a very marketable, stylish, and appealing aesthetic.

A collage of vibrant ambition, eager curiosity, and glamorous adventure, this film is sure to be trending among dreamers.

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