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The Final Mardi Gras

Two sisters on a journey filled with love, conflict, and hope. 


Carol, a widow in her late 60’s, and her younger sister Ruth, have had an adversarial relationship their entire lives. When Ruth discovers that she may have only a few months to live, she asks Carol to accompany her to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. She hopes that they will finally get a chance to bond. After bailing her sister out so many times in the past, Carol is reluctant to go, viewing the trip a potentially nothing more than a geriatric babysitting job. During the trip, Carol and Ruth do share feelings and experiences from the past in a way they never have before.  

Cast Wish List

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Carol is the older sister and our protagonist.  Growing up, she was the “good child” who constantly had to bail her younger sister out of trouble. Now a widow, she devotes her time to helping her daughter Amy and her husband Bruce care for their daughters, Ally and Emily – as well as her sister when called for. Although she enjoyed performing in her youth, it is apparent that she has become more “uptight” as she has grown older and that it is difficult for her to truly enjoy herself.



 Marg Helgenberger

J. Smith Cameron

 Wendie Malick

Nora Dunn

 Fran Drescher

 Annie Potts

Robin Bartlett

Anne Ramsey

Catherine Hicks

 Robin Bartlett

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Ruth is three years younger than Carol. Growing up she was the attractive, social butterfly who always had a date. Married and divorced twice, Ruth has no children. She has managed to hold her own the majority of her adult life, however, there have been times when Carol has had to come to her rescue. 



Jennifer Tilley

Beverly D'Angelo

Jean Smart

Alfre Woodard

 Kate Mulgrew

 Mimi Rogers

 Kelly McGillis

 Annette O'Toole

Cathy Moriarty

 Dana Delaney

Screenwriter & Executive Producer


After a thirty-year career as a professional musician, Michele Mortensen ventured into the untamed world of stand-up comedy in 2007. From there she began studying acting in Boston and New York. She has appeared in over thirty films, including co-starring roles in two independent features. In 2019, she wrote and starred in "Going My Way" - a short directed by Rob Margolies that has been selected for several prestigious film festivals, including the Lady Filmmaker Festival, the Boston International Film Festival, the MOM Festival, where it was nominated for best "Mom-themed" film, and the Beaufort International Film Festival. 

Filming and Locations


The shoot is anticipated to take 2-3 weeks. Although primarily a character study, "The Final Mardi Gras" will showcase the scenic Southeast coast of the United States. Specific cities that are mentioned in the film include Charleston, South Carolina, Jacksonville, Florida, Mobile, Alabama, and New Orleans (including Louis Armstrong International Airport.) After preliminary research, we have determined that it may be possible to shoot the vast majority of the film in South Carolina, with the cities of Beaufort, Hilton Head, and Charleston targeted as key locations. 

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